“One of the most stunning and beautiful debuts I’ve ever come across.” - Zerlife
"...after listening to the album, we were blown away by this six-piece group...with their fresh, new sound." - Channel24.co.za
“…look out for Lunatic Wolf…”– The Times
"Lunatic Wolf not only makes, but proves, something not a lot of people are always willing to admit: a great band or musician is still great, regardless of what genre you prefer to listen to." - The Citizen Connect
“Die groep gaan groop hoogtes bereik.” – Huisgenoot
"To the Adventure is a successful tightrope walk, perfectly balanced and delicate." - Texx and the City
"To say that To The Adventure is unique is an understatement." - The Fuss
"Jy het seker nog nie van Lunatic Wolf – ’n sesman-span van Johannesburg gehoor nie. Dit is goed so, dan word dié musiekgeheim eerder stadig uitgelap." - Die Burger
"Expertly crafted, intelligent, catchy." - 50 Third and 3rd
"This album is everything and so much more out of South Africa's crop of talented artists." - Underground Press